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About Us 

We started over 13 years ago and after a successful start to the business back in Europe we decided to up sticks and move to sunny Bangkok, Thailand. We are originally from the UK and are a family run business.  

Since moving to Asia, we’ve been able to grow the business more and more (and the family is growing too!). Everything we sell is made at home at our factory, by us – so you know that what you’re getting is not only of high-quality but has also been made with care, especially for you. 

Because of where we are we are able to be competitive without compromising on quality. We are one-stop shop for brand product design, packaging and shipping.

If you’re wondering why we don’t include prices on our website, it’s because every order is tailor-made and we understand that no two customers are the same.

If you would like to get a quote on an order tailor-made to suit your needs, drop us a line or send us a message and one of our team will be happy to help. We have full details on our contact us section.


Specialising in OEM Supplements, Cosmetics and many more, www.herb-wizard can be your one shop service.

Every member of the team speaks English, so there’s no need to worry about language barriers when ordering from Herb-Wizard because all of our business is done in English.

Looking forward to working with you soon,

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