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Design & Packaging

Whilst product quality should be second to none, packaging your product and promoting it should be bespoke and professional for your new brand. We have an in-house designer that can design all of your product labels, graphics, logo's and packaging to a very high standard for low cost.

Over the years we have improved our design and packaging machinery to deliver the best finish to your brand and products, we do not outsource to an external company we do everything in house maintaining our one shop stop policy. 

We are experts at creating advertising graphics for your products to sell online, via e-commerce and social media or simply for your own website.

As every order is tailor made for each customer, we can also offer different costs of packaging, so should you want it in wholesale form -we can do it, should you want budget packaging - we can do it, or you may want a premium finish - we can do it!

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