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Shipping & Payment

We use logistics companies, such as DHL, to get your order to you quickly and efficiently, all of our shipments are sent via express guaranteed delivery. This service includes full tracking and personal updates to let you know where your order is, every step of the way.

We are up-to-date with the different custom regulations of the countries we ship to, so you can be confident that we will package your order correctly to avoid or minimise any charges or delays. We send our products to (almost!) every country and are knowledgeable about each country's respective regulations. We do this to make sure everything is delivered to you quickly and efficiently. DHL collect our parcels daily to serve the needs of our clients from all around the world.

All our products come fully certified and full paperwork is provided with each order.

We accept many forms of payment to make your order as stress free as possible. We hold Bank accounts in various countries, we accept Paypal and Western Union. 

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